Science Matters: Protests shine spotlight on skewed priorities





David Suzuki Foundation


When I heard about the student protests in Montreal, I swallowed the line that Quebec's pampered youth pay lower fees than those in other parts of Canada but aren't aware that education costs money. And then I went to Quebec. There, I heard a different story.

After weeks of demonstrations, clearly something more profound is going on. The protesters are forcing us to confront a crucial question: What is government for? Governing is about priorities. Students can't help but notice they aren't high on the list.

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Quebec's New Draconian Anti-strike and Anti-Asssembly Law

The following is from the National Lawyer's Guild - the Michigan Chapter.  It is a letter from an organization in Quebec, Canada.


Sisters, brothers,

            We write you during a dark time for democratic, human and
associative rights in Quebec with the following appeal for your help
and solidarity. As you have no doubt heard, the government recently
enacted legislation that amounts to the single biggest attack on the
right to organize and freedom of expression in North America since the
McCarthy period and the biggest attack on civil and democratic rights
since the enactment of the War Measures Act in 1970. Arguably, this
recent law will unduly criminalize more law-abiding citizens than even
McCarthy's hearings and the War Measures Act ever could.

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