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Let me start this with a little but true story from my life.  Martha just recalled it a couple of days ago and we talked about it in relation to what is happening in Egypt and other countries.


Early in our marriage when we were living in Detroit, the guy who was best man at our wedding (Donald Gibson - later to become an English Professor in an important University in eastern USA), was visiting us.  We were all in the family room, and Don was sitting back by a big window in a recliner playing his guitar.  Don is an African American who had been an activist while we were in college.  Martha asked him what he thought that people who were african american - who had been involved in the civil rights revolution - wanted.  He said he did not think they wanted any one thing or group of things - what they wanted was just their share of the pie.


It seems to Martha and me that at least in Egypt a big factor in these uprisings is that people do not have their share of the pie.

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Map Of Uprisings To February 15, 2011



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