Fighting Senate gridlock through self-restraint

Washington Post Opinions

by Carl Levin and Lamar Alexander


Carl Levin, a Democrat, represents Michigan in the Senate. Lamar Alexander, a Republican, represents Tennessee in the Senate.

The U.S. Senate — one-half of one branch of our government and an institution crucial to resolving serious issues before our country — is routinely described as dysfunctional, gridlocked and broken. We feel obligated to do something about it.


That’s why we went to the Senate floor last week to encourage our colleagues to embrace a classic virtue: self-restraint.


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A letter from my Senator: Carl Levin

Levin, McCain: GAO report shows China is failing to crack down on bogus electronic parts Monday,


March 26, 2012

WASHINGTON – A government investigative report released today provides further evidence that China is failing to crack down on the flood of bogus electronic parts making their way into U.S. military systems and endangering the safety of U.S. troops and U.S. national security.

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