Jennifer and a School Chorale Trip

I had been working on the section of Discussion Group that is about Civil Disobedience (it is still in the construction and editing phase), when Jenni gave me a communication from her school, a communication that I was to sign.  My work on DiscussionGroup was dealing with the philosophical civil disobedience, with the reality of death of peaceful people, with oppressive governments that ended up murdering their own citizens, with governments willing to do whatever they wanted to do to maintain control and adherance to that government's interests.  The communication had no such dire consequencies - or did it?

To set the stage:  the communication said Jenni's class (with Jenni) was required to be at a musical contest and that those who did not attend would fail the class.  The trip to the contest had been arranged by the school - a bus that had been paid for with school funds, and the trip was approved of by the school.  However they did not have enough money to arrange the trip home and so we (parents and guardians) were required to pick up the children and see that they got back home. The note required the signature of a responsible person (parent or guardian), a signature which clearly stated that the child could go on the bus and that the parent/guardian would be responsible for anything that happened to the child on the bus!

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