Julianne on Dateline - the Story of the Higher Brothers

Julianne Cuneo, Private Investigator
Julianne Cuneo, Private Investigator

Detroit News: Higher Brothers"

March 31, 2014 at 10:45 pm 

'Dateline' to air story of brothers freed after 25 years spent in prison for Detroit murder

The story of two brothers who were set free after spending more than half their lives behind bars on a murder conviction will air Friday on “Dateline.”

Raymond and Thomas Highers spent 25 years in prison for felony murder before all criminal charges against them were dismissed in September. The two had been imprisoned in the June 26, 1987, slaying of 65-year-old Robert Karey inside an alleged Detroit drug house.


Julianne, daughter of Roger and Martha Cuneo, was the investigator in this case, and one who successfully brought forth many of the here-to-fore silent witnesses.  These witnesses were instrumental in establishing the clearly innocent verdict.


Presented here is the 6 part video (an hour show) presented on Dateline which presents this interesting case - a verdict reversed after 25 years.








25-year-old murder conviction of two Detroit brothers tossed out

Julianne Cuneo, owner of Sunshine Investigations, and daughter of Roger and Martha Cuneo was one of two female investigators working on this project.  She is not the one the prosecutor erroneously hinted at some "hanky-panky".  It appears to me that the prosecutor is acting out the fox and the grapes of Aesop fame.


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By Jim Schaefer / Detroit Free Press  |   Friday, July 27, 2012  |  http://www.bostonherald.com  |  Midwest

DETROIT -- Raymond Highers, wearing bright yellow Wayne County Jail scrubs, folded his hands Thursday and clamped his eyes shut when it became clear what the judge was about to do.


“We have new evidence .” Wayne County Circuit Judge Lawrence Talon began.


Then the sniffling started, from one or two supporters in the back row of the packed courtroom on the sixth floor of the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in downtown Detroit.


“ The court finds the newly discovered evidence to be credible and reliable.”

The room erupted in screams and applause before Talon could finish.

Raymond Highers and his brother, Thomas Highers, both imprisoned for a quarter-century for a murder they long maintained they did not commit, had just had their convictions wiped out.


And then, for the first time in the extraordinary hearing held off and on since March, Raymond Highers reached forward, shook his brother’s hand, and embraced him.


In a ruling from the bench that lasted about an hour, Talon said that new witnesses who never went to police about the shotgun slaying of Robert Karey, 65, offered enough new evidence during the hearing to erase the 1988 decision by then-Judge Terrance Boyle to convict the brothers and sentence them to life in prison.


Older brother Thomas is now 46. Raymond just turned the same age.


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Julianne's Letter To The Editor

The Sun is an independent, ad-free monthly magazine that has been active for more than thirty years.  It’s URL is http://www.thesunmagazine.org/.  This is a magazine that Julianne likes a lot and one that those of us in the family think well of too.  Julianne is my second oldest child, and the oldest girl.  The letter is written in response to an article called “Oh Baby” which concerns the latest issue raised against women by one of our political parties (The Republican Party, and even more particularly the far right members of that group).

EditorThe Sun Magazine107 North Roberson StreetChapel Hill, NC 27516
March 6, 2012
RE: “Oh Baby”


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Occupy Detroit! A report from my home area

This is a story about how some areas in this country were able to keep the peace, but I put it here because it is very close to my home - in more than one way.  It might helpful for those of you who know me to remember my last name and for those of you who don't know me that well to learn that Cuneo is my family name.

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