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Dr. Capra's books have been published in numerous languages and editions. Click here for a complete list.

The Tao of Physics, Capra's first book, challenges much of conventional wisdom by demonstrating striking parallels between ancient mystical traditions and the discoveries of 20th century physics. Originally published by a small publisher with no budget for promotion, the book became an underground bestseller by word of mouth before it was picked up by a major American publishing house. Since then, The Tao of Physics has been published in 43 editions in 23 languages.

In The Turning Point, the author expands his focus to show how the revolution in modern physics foreshadows a similar revolution in many other sciences and a corresponding transformation of world views and values in society. In particular, he explores paradigm shifts in biology, medicine, psychology, and economics. The book has been published in 25 editions in 16 languages.


In Uncommon Wisdom, the author describes dialogues and personal encounters between himself and the thinkers who helped shape the theme of The Turning Point.The book has been published in 16 editions in 12 languages.


The Web of Life starts from the conceptual framework presented in The Turning Point, summarizes the mathematics of complexity, and offers a synthesis of recent nonlinear theories of living systems that have dramatically increased our understanding of the key characteristics of life. The book has been published in 14 editions in 10 languages.


In The Hidden Connections: A Science for Sustainable Living, the author extends the framework of systems and complexity theory to the social domain and uses the extended framework to discuss some of the critical issues of our time -- the management of human organizations, the challenges and dangers of economic globalization, the scientific and ethical problems of biotechnology, and the design of ecologically sustainable communities and technologies. The book has been published in 11 editions in 8 languages.


Die Capra Synthese (The Capra Synthesis) presents an annotated selection of the author's essential texts in two German editions.


Green Politics, co-authored with Charlene Spretnak, analyzes the rise of the Green Party in Germany and similar ecology-oriented political parties in other European countries. The book has been published in 7 editions in 4 languages.


Die Seele Indiens: Tamil Nadu (Tamil Nadu: The Soul of India), coauthored with Jacqueline Capra, is a photo essay on daily life in the villages and cities of Tamil Nadu in southern India.


Belonging to the Universe, co-authored with Brother David Steindl-Rast, explores parallels between new ways of thinking in science and Christian theology. The book has been published in 10 editions in 7 languages.


Mindwalk contains the complete screenplay of Bernt Capra's film, cowritten by Floyd Byars and Fritjof Capra, together with introductory comments by the film's director and a scientific commentary by Fritjof Capra.


EcoManagement, co-authored with Ernest Callenbach, Lenore Goldman, Ruediger Lutz, and Sandra Marburg, proposes a conceptual and practical framework for ecologically conscious management. The book has been published in 5 editions in 4 languages.


Steering Business Toward Sustainability, co-edited with Gunter Pauli, is a collection of essays by business executives, economists, ecologists, and others who outline practical approaches to meeting the challenge of ecological sustainability. The book has been published in two editions in two languages.


The Science of Leonardo is the first book to present a coherent account of the scientific achievements of Leonardo da Vinci, the great genius of the Renaissance, and to evaluate them from the perspective of 21st-century scientific and philosophical thought. Its central thesis is that Leonardo's science is a science of living forms, of quality, which can be seen as a distant forerunner of today's complexity and systems theories. It is a science that honors and respects the unity of life, recognizes the fundamental interdependence of all natural phenomena, and reconnects us with the living Earth. Leonardo's science is thus highly relevant to our time. The book has been published in 7 editions in 5 languages.






Gene Sharp (Bibliography)

Gene Sharp
Albert Einstein Institution


Books in English

1999 hardback Gandhi as a Political Strategist, with Essays on Ethics and Politics. Indian edition with a new Introduction by Dr. Federico Mayor. Original Introduction by Coretta Scott King. pp. 357. New Delhi: Gandhi Media Centre. (See 1979 edition below.)

1997 hardback Nonviolent Action: A Research Guide. Second editor with Ronald McCarthy. pp. 720. New York: Garland Publishers.

hardback Civilian-Based Defense: A Post-Military Weapons System. With the assistance of Bruce Jenkins. 165 pp. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

hardback Resistance, Politics, and the American Struggle for Independence, 1765-1775. Co-editor with Walter Conser, Jr., Ronald M. McCarthy, and David J. Toscano. 592 pp. Boulder: Lynne Rienner Publishers.

paperback Making Europe Unconquerable: The Potential of Civilian-based Deterrence and Defense. 252 pp. London: Taylor & Francis. Second Edition (190pp.) with a Foreword by George F. Kennan. Cambridge, MA: Ballinger, 1986.

paperback National Security Through Civilian-based Defense. 93 pp. Omaha: Association for Transarmament Studies.

hardback and paperback Social Power and Political Freedom. 456 pp. Introduction by Senator Mark O. Hatfield. Boston: Porter Sargent.

hardback and paperback Gandhi as a Political Strategist, with Essays on Ethics and Politics. 356 pp. Introduction by Coretta Scott King. Boston: Porter Sargent.

hardback and paperback The Politics of Nonviolent Action. 902 pp. Introduction by Thomas C. Schelling. Prepared under the auspices of Harvard University's Center for International Affairs. Boston: Porter Sargent. 1974 paperback edition in 3 vols.: I, Power and Struggle. 114 pp.; II, The Methods of Nonviolent Action. 348 pp.; III, Dynamics of Nonviolent Action. 466 pp. Boston: Porter Sargent.

hardback and paperback Exploring Nonviolent Alternatives. 161 pp. Introduction by David Riesman. Boston: Porter Sargent.

hardback Civilian Defense: An Introduction. Co-editor with Adam Roberts and T.K. Mahadevan. 265 pp. Introductory statement by President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Bombay: Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, and New Delhi: Gandhi Peace Foundation.

hardback and paperback Gandhi Wields the Weapon of Moral Power: Three Case Histories. 316 pp. Foreword by Albert Einstein. Introduction by Bharatan Kumarappa. Ahmedabad: Navajivan Publishing House.

Books/booklets in production

2000 The Power and Practice of Nonviolent Struggle. (In preparation.)

(Burma) Transliteration forthcoming. (translation of From Dictatorship to Democracy: A conceptual framework for liberation) (in press).

Jing-paw (Burma) Transliteration forthcoming. (translation of From Dictatorship to Democracy: A conceptual framework for liberation) (in press).

(Burma) Gumshem Magam Lai Kaw Nna Dimokresi Lai De (translation of From Dictatorship to Democracy: A conceptual framework for liberation) (in press).

Books in translation

Tibetan TseWa Spangs Pai 'Thab Rtsod Kyi Nus Shugs Dang Nyamslen. (translation of The Power and Practice of Nonviolent Political Struggle) New Delhi, India: Tibetan Parliamentary and Policy Research Centre. Publisher's Note by the Venerable Samdhong Rinpoche. Foreword by The Dalai Lama.

Tamil No transliteration available. (Translation of The Politics of Nonviolent Action) 1035pp. Madurai: Vanguard Press.

Korean No transliteration available. (Translation of Civilian-Based Defense: A Post-Military Weapons System) 255pp. Seoul: Korea University Press.

La Guerre Civilisée: Defense par Actions Civilies. 192pp. (Translation of Civilian-Based Defense: A Post-Military Weapons System) Grenoble: Presses Universitaires de Grenoble.

Latvian Sabiedrisk Aizsardziba. 200pp. (Translation of Civilian-Based Defense: A Post-Military Weapons System) Riga: Junda Publishers.

(Mandarin) No transliteration available. 242pp. (Translation of Civilian-Based Defense: A Post-Military Weapons System) Taipei: Avant Guard Publishing Co.

Estonian Elanikele Toetur Kaitse. 107pp. (Translation of Civilian-Based Defense: A Post-Military Weapons System) Tallinn: Infomare.

paperback Hagana Leumit Ezrakhit: Tzurat HaLekhima HaAtidit 165 pp. (Translation of Civilian-Based Defense: A Post-Military Weapons System) Zikhron Ya'Akov: Israeli Institute for Military Studies.

paperback Pilietine Gynyba: Nekarine Ginklu Sistema. 161 pp. (Translation of Civilian-based Defense: A Post-Military Weapons System.) Vilnius: Mintis Publishers.

paperback Verso un'Europa Inconquistabile. (Translation of Making Europe Unconquerable.) 190 pp. Introduction by Gianfranco Pasquino. Translated by Silvia Cortesi and Matteo Luccio. Turin: Edizioni Gruppo Abele.

paperback Naar een onveroverbaar Europa: De kracht van civiele afschrikking en sociale verdediging. (Translation of Making Europe Unconquerable.) 216 pp. Translated by Peter Kruijt, Wim Robben and Mark Hierman. Antwerp: International Vredesinformatiedienst.

paperback Amnart Lae Yoothavitee Rai Kwarm Roon-raeng [Power and nonviolent strategy]. (Based on the manuscript "Power, Struggle and Defense.") 402 pp. Introduction by Sulak Sivaraksa. Translated by Chaiwat Satha-Anand and Komson Hoota-paet. Bangkok: Krong Karn Nang Sue Sasna Sanivitee, for the Coordinating Group Religion in Society, and the Komong Keemthong Foundation.

hardback Politica dell'azione nonviolenta. (Translation of The Politics of Nonviolent Action). 3 vols.: I, Potere e lotta [Power and struggle]. 164 pp. Translated by Enrico Benucci, Manuel Vignali and Alberto Zangheri. Turin: Edizione Gruppo Abele, 1985; II, Le tecniche [The methods]. 338 pp. Translated by Alberto Zangheri. Turin: Edizione Gruppo Abele, 1986; III, La Dinamica [The Dynamics]. pp. 315. Translated by Alberto Zangheri. Turin: Edizione Gruppo Abele, 1997.

paperback Almuqawama Bila Ounf [Nonviolent resistance]. (Based on the manuscript "Power, Struggle and Defense.") 377 pp. Introductions by Daniel Amit and Jonathan Kuttab. East Jerusalem: Palestinian Center for the Study of Nonviolence. Reprinted in 1989 and 1991.

Hebrew paperback Hitnagdut Lo Alima [Nonviolent resistance]. (Based on the manuscript "Power, Struggle and Defense.") 256 pp. Introductions by Daniel Amit and Jonathan Kuttab. Jerusalem: Mifras House.

paperback Poder, luta, e defesa: Teoria e prática ação não-violenta [Power, struggle, and defense: Theory and practice of nonviolent action]. (Based on the manuscript "Power, Struggle and Defense.") 270 pp. Introduction by Paulo Evaristo Cardinal Arns. Translated by Getúillo Bertelli. São Paulo: Edições Paulinas. (Out of print.)

paperback Macht en strijd: Theorie en praktijk van geweldloze actie [Power and struggle: Theory and practice of nonviolent action]. (Excerpts from The Politics of Nonviolent Action.) 235 pp. Introduction by Professor Peter Kooijmans. Translated by Jenny de Graaf. Utrecht and Antwerp: Het Spectrum.

Japanese hardback and paperback Buki naki minshu no teiko: Sono senryakuron-teki apuroch [Mass resistance without weapons: Its military-strategic approach]. (Translation of Exploring Nonviolent Alternatives.) 262 pp. Translated by Komatsu Shigeo. Tokyo: Renga Shobo.

Booklets/pamphlets (in English and translations)

(Burma) Transliteration forthcoming. (translation of From Dictatorship to Democracy: A conceptual framework for liberation).

1999 Spanish (Cuba) "La Relavancia de Gandhi en el Mundo Moderno." (Translation of "The Relevance of Gandhi in the Modern World.") pp. 33. Miami: Cuban Revolutionary Democratic Directorate (Directorio Revolucionario Democratico Cubano) and Centro de Estudios para una Opción Nacional (CEON).

(Cuba) "El Rol Del Poder En La Lucha Noviolenta." (Translation of "The Role of Power in Nonviolent Struggle." 19 pp. Monograph Series No. 3, Cambridge, MA: The Albert Einstein Institution.) 16 pp. Miami: Cuban Revolutionary Democratic Directorate (Directorio Revolucionario Democratico Cubano).

(Cuba) De La Dictadura A La Democracia (Translation of From Dictatorship to Democracy: A conceptual framework for liberation) 76 pp. Miami: Brothers to the Rescue (Hermanos Al Rescate).

1997 & 1998
(Cuba) "La Lucha Politica Noviolenta: Su Poder y su Prática." [Translation]. Condensation of The Politics of Nonviolent Action Revised and expanded edition and new translation. 85 pp. Miami: Brothers to the Rescue (Hermanos Al Rescate).

Menuju Demokrasi Tanpa Kekerasan (Toward Democracy Without Violence, the title of the Indonesian edition of From Dictatorship to Democracy) Introductions by Abdurrahman Wahid and Prof. Dr. Franz Magnis Suseno, SJ. 108 pp. Jakarta: Pustaka Sinar Harapan Publishers.

Macedonian No transliteration available 85 pp. (Translation of "Self-Reliant Defense Without Bankruptcy or War.") Skopje: Union Trade (with financial support of the Open Society Institute, Skopje)

"Defense against Coups d'État", in Human Rights and Coups D'État (with essays "Coups d'État in 1992-1993", by Bruce Jenkins and "Coups d'État as Threats to Human Rights", by Charles Norchi) Occasional Paper #2, New York: International League for Human Rights

Burmese No transliteration available. 88pp. (Translation of From Dictatorship to Democracy: A conceptual framework for liberation) Bangkok: Khit Pyaing (New Era Journal). (Reprinted 1996, 1997)

paperback From Dictatorship to Democracy: A Conceptual Framework for Liberation, 79 pp. Bangkok: The Committee for the Restoration of Democracy in Burma.

1993 "Defense Without War: The Status of Civilian-Based Defense in the World Today" 14 pp. Occasional Paper No. 6. Honolulu, Matsunaga Institute for Peace, University of Hawai'i.

Estonian "Soltumatu Kaitsepoliitika: ilma pankroti ja sõjata" 108 pp. (Translation of "Self-reliant Defense Without Bankruptcy or War") Tallinn: Informare.

Thai "No transliteration available." [Against the Coup: Fundamentals of an Effective Defense,] 48 pp. Bangkok, Komong Keemthong Foundation.

1992 "Self-Reliant Defense Without Bankruptcy or War." With the assistance of Bruce Jenkins. 72 pp. Cambridge, MA: The Albert Einstein Institution. Expanded version of original paper under same title printed by Center for International Studies, University of Missouri-St. Louis, Occasional Paper No. 9203, February 1992.

Latvian "Patstaviga Aizsardziba - Alternativa Saimnieciskaiam Postam Un Karam." (Translation of "Self-Reliant Defense Without Bankruptcy or War.) Riga: Ministry of Defense.

Lithuanian "Savarankiska Gynyba Be Bankroto ir Karo." 80 pp. (Translation of "Self-reliant Defense Without Bankruptcy or War.) Vilnius: Mintis Publishers.

French "L'Abolition de la Guerre un But Réaliste." 35 pp. Translation of "Making the Abolition of War a Realistic Goal.) Cahiers de la non-violence no. 4, Montreal: Le Centre de Ressources sur la non-violence.

1990 "The Role of Power in Nonviolent Struggle." 19pp. Monograph Series No. 3, Cambridge, MA: The Albert Einstein Institution.

Arabic "Al-Intifada wa al-Nidal Bila 'Anf." (Translation of "The Intifada and Nonviolent Struggle.") 19 pp. Jerusalem: Palestinian Center for the Study of Nonviolence. Reprinted in 1991.

Burmese "Arnar Nint Naing-gun-ye Eí Gaw-da" (Translation of "The Role of Power in Nonviolent Struggle.") 23 pp. Fairfax, VA: Foundation for Democracy in Burma. Reprinted in 1992 and in 1993.

Dutch "Progressieve politiek en geweldloze politieke techniek." (Translation of "The Problem of Political Technique in Radical Politics," in Social Power and Political Freedom.) 22 pp. Zwolle: Stichting Voorlichting Aktieve Geweldloosheid.

1988 Spanish "La Lucha Politica: Criterios y Métodos." Condensation of The Politics of Nonviolent Action ) 114pp. Santiago: Ediciones ChileAmérica CESOC. (2nd Edition, April, 1988).

Dutch "Een einde maken aan onderdrukking: Strategiese problemen van de verzetsbetweging in Zuid-Afrika." (Translation of "What is Required to Uproot Oppression? Strategic Problems of the South African Resistance," in Social Power and Political Freedom.) 31 pp. Zwolle: Stichting Voorlichting Aktieve Geweldloosheid.

Arabic "Kitah Al-La'Anf: Waseeleh Taaley Lilamel Al-Syassi." (Translation of "Nonviolent Struggle: An Efficient Technique of Political Action. An Interview with Gene Sharp" by Afif Safieh.) 31 pp. Jerusalem: Palestinian Center for the Study of Nonviolence.

1988 "Nonviolent Struggle: An Efficient Technique of Political Action -- An Interview with Gene Sharp." 47 pp. Jerusalem: Palestinian Center for the Study of Nonviolence.

Spanish "La Lucha Politica Noviolenta: Criterios y Técnicas." Condensation of The Politics of Nonviolent Action by Jaime Gonzalez Bernal. 78 pp. Mexico: private printings.

Dutch "Afschaffing van oorlog een realisties doel." (Translation of "Making the Abolition of War a Realistic Goal.") 55 pp. Zwolle: Stichting Aktieve Geweldloosheid.

Polish "Walka Bez Uzycia Przemocy." (Excerpts from Chapter 1 of The Politics of Nonviolent Action.) 21 pp. Gdansk: (clandestine Solidarity publisher). Reprinted in 1986, Warsaw: Ad Sum (clandestine publisher). Also printed in the journal "ANEKS", (London), Issue 34, Autumn 1984, pp. 53-71.

Dutch "Sociale verdediging: Afschrikking en verdediging door burgers." [Civilian-based defense: deterrence and defense by citizens.] 55 pp. Introduction by Professor J.S. van Hessen. Monographie no. 1, Winter 81/82. 's-Gravenhage: Stichting Maatschappij en Krijgsmacht.

1981 "Making the Abolition of War a Realistic Goal." 16 pp. New York: Institute for World Order, 1981. Reissued in 1983 and in 1985 by the World Policy Institute. Reprinted by the Association for Transarmanent (Aotearoa), Dunedin, New Zealand, 1986. Reprinted by The Albert Einstein Institution, Cambridge, MA, in 1992.

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1961 "Gandhi Faces the Storm." 71 pp. Ahmedabad: Navajivan Publishing House.

1958 "Tyranny Could Not Quell Them." London: Peace News.

Chapters (in English and translations)

1999 "What Are the Options for Action for Believers in Principled Nonviolence?" in Jampa Samten and Losang Norbu Shastri, eds.,Professor Samdhong Rinpoche Felicitation Volume. Varanasi, India: Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies.

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1995 "The Power Potential of Nonviolent Struggle" with Bruce Jenkins in Nonviolence and Tolerance in Changing Eastern and Central Europe. Vilnius, LOGOS. [Reprinted in Journal of Peace and Gandhian Studies (July-December, 1996), pp. 19-26, vol. I, no. 4 & vol. 2, no. 1, New Delhi: Gandhi Media Centre.]

Russian No transliteration available of chapter, book title, nor publisher name (transliterations forthcoming) [The role of power in nonviolent struggle]. Moscow, 1993

Russian "Istoricheskaya Znachimost Narastaniya Nyenasilstvyennoi Barbi u Kontsye XX Vyeka" [The historical significance of the growth of nonviolent struggle in the late 20th century], in XX Vyek: Osnovnieh Problemi i Tendentsii Mezhdunarodnikh Otnoshenii[Twentieth century: fundamental problems and tendencies of international relations], papers from an international conference 21-23 November 1989, Moscow, sponsored by the Institute of History, Russian Academy of Sciences.

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