LP: Underlying Principles

Learning Paradise is intended to be a place where people feel close to one another, feel safe, can chat about a veriety of subjects, and enjoy their time in the group,


It's purpose is to provide a place for people to practice thinking and chatting in English.  The learning of grammer and other elements of English is incidental to this, and should be part of information gathered in other places.


Admins should not do some things:



1. They should not use demeaning behaviors toward other people.  Each person in the group should be respected - and none should be treated as lessor than any other.  Women are as capable as men, and should be treated that way.  Young people can think and express just as can those who are older.  Old people such as me - deserve only the respect they earn - it does come along because they have breathed longer than other people.


2. Demeaning behaviors toward other people based on their religion, place of birth, or color of skin is unacceptable.


3. People mistreating each other - by calling each other stupid, by pictures showing a child being spanked as a cartoon, word games where people are hit or berated are inappropriate in this group, so the admins should not encourage this behavior in the group.


Since this is a group that is free to speak  (has freedom of speach), some members will be disrespectful, vulgar, or obnoxious in some fashion.

Admins should moniter these "situations" and see if they can intercede by changing the subject, making a difusing joke, with direct rebuttal, or by some other method which will halt the "abuse".  It is a matter of judgement - but if the member is "too" offensive, then warnings and/or booting out of the individual is the proper solution.

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