LP - Philosophical Overview

My vision of Learning Paradise is that it is a place where people could feel close to one another, feel safe, could chat about a variety of subjects, and would enjoy their time in the group.


I also see it as a place for people to practice thinking and chatting in English.  The actual learning of grammar and other elements of English would be done in other places.


It is of course true that people should be able to say what they want in the gorup within certain broad parameters.


So I hope the administrators will try to influence conversations to not be concerned with ages as a bias toward good or bad concepts.  I hope they would strongly try to influence conversations away from demeaning remarks about women - to keep conversations from suggesting that women are less capable then men.  Games or cartoons or conversations where people try to hurt each other bye word or pictoral representation should be strongly discouraged.  All this requires some skill in guiding people away from offensive conversation, but is an art worth developing.   I hope that they would help the group see as unacceptable remarks that denegrate people of any color - white, black, brown - or what ever, and infact block such remarks from by removing the offender.  All of these "topics" can easily become offensive and lead to dismissal of the offender.

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