LP Admin Jobs - Intro

The adminstrative jobs associated with Learning Paradise (chat group) are now (December 18, 2013) seen to fall into 4 parts:


1. Entrance and exit control.

a. This is the control of people joining - making sure they aren't on our "black" list, setting up names and making sure they chat.

b. And, to check to see that people "obey" the 1 month silence and be booted rule.

2. Keeping the chats "flowing".

Should be very active in the discussion time and try to keep the conversations flowing.

3. Head hunters.

Seek out and actively encourage people to join our group.

4. Police personel.

Make sure the rules are followed, and try to diffuse any potentially "explosive" situations.


There may be a couple of people assigned to each of these areas, because of the time zone problems.  And one person might work in more than one area.  


For example, while there certain people who are assigned the duty of policeman, they may not be around at the time of trouble.  So if other admins are around, they should step in and take on the role of policeman.


More detailed descriptions of each admin position will be given in descriptions to follow.  This is a preliminary statement.

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