Park College: Re-visit our Wedding Chapel

Re-Visiting our Wedding Chapel at Park College
Re-Visiting our Wedding Chapel at Park College

Martha and Roger married on  March 6th, 1955 in a Chapel at a college that Martha had attended.  The college is Park College in Parkville, Missouri, USA.


It was a small wedding with only 17 people in attendence (and that included the two of us and the Minister).


We have never made much of events like this or birthdays or really any sort of celebrations.  At the time of this writing (2013) we have been married 58 years and still don't celebrate or wedding or birthdays much.


On one of our visits back to our home city of Kansas City, Misouri, we stopped off at Park College (which is just a little bit outside of Kansas City).  On this trip Pamela, our youngest daughter was with us, and she took the picture of us in  front of the chapel which is part of Park College.



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