Conversation: Culture in various nations

Hi to each of you. I have an idea I want to share and to find out how many of you are interested in it.


I'm thinking of using a YY channel for oral conversations. The framework that I envision is just an informal “get together” talking about some subject.: There will be only conversation. This means we do not have to read any articles or book – we just talk about what we think or know from our experiences. The subject will vary from time to time.


The first topic for the Conversation Group I have in mind is culture. People talking informally about their culture, and asking questions about other peoples culture. I'm thinking of having 5 sessions:

1. A planning meeting – a discussion of what parts of our cultures we want to talk about;

2. Four weekly meetings each discussing some topic which we decided upon in the first meeting.


I'm wondering if 8 PM Saturday, May 10, 2013, Beijing time is a time that fits into the schedules of each of the readers of this invitation.


I think we need people who are pretty fluent in English, who like to discuss topics that require some thought and interest on their part, and who are curious about the world.


I have sent this note to the following people (most of them in the Learning Paradise QQ Chat group).





A Chart of people who have been invited to the group (so far)

 # NAME   Chn Oman USA Germany

Also Lived 

In Other


For at least

a Year


Female Male
01 Alvin    Y
02 David Lu    Y             X
03 Ella    Y           X
04 Helly        
05 Martha     
  Y       X  
06 Mike (Everest)   Y       x     X
07 Monica     Y           X  
08 Oliver   Y             X
09 Richard   Y             X
10 Roger   
  Y         X
11 Saza   Y     X       X
12 Willow   

TOTAL   8 1 2 1     5 7

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