Note to possible attendees of Discussion group

Hi - I'm sending a note to a select group of people.  Some of you were in a similar group as the one I am inviting you to in the past.  Some of you were not, but I think each of you would be important and valuable contributors to the group. 


I've been working with some folks to set up a YY group (a verbal chat area which also has classes and other things going on.  It is brand new, but I think it has growth potential.


It is the ideal spot for a group such as I had a long time ago in which we read an article and discussed it.  In those days we were all younger, and we met everyday.  This group will only meet once a week, for a couple of hours.


Here is a description posted on a net bulletin board in the YY group:

The purpose of the group is stated here:  Mission Statement: The purpose of the group.

For further instructions, see:  A couple of rules. 

Sundays 8 to 10 PM Beijing time has been suggested as an optimal time. If you have other suggestions, please say so.

The first meeting is suggested to be March 24th 2013.


I am hoping that you will accept this invitation.  This is the address of the YY channel:  Short entry to YY  My channel:  Learning Language Fun & Easy 43468668.  Special Programs/classes  English Article Reading.  Please let me know as soon as you can.


Thanks    Roger

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